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Entourage - Daventry Equine Appraisal Services client

At some point in a horse owners life, situations may occur that are unforeseen and require you to prove the value of your horse. This is when you need a professional horse appraiser who is compassionate and can advise you of the proper process and procedures.

Did you know that the IRS requires a certified appraisal to take a tax deduction greater than $5,000 on a donated horse? Did you know that an insurance company may decline to write a policy for the value you feel your horse is worth unless you have a certified appraisal to substantiate that valuation? Did you know that courts can order a certified appraisal in many types of legal proceedings, including bankruptcies and divorces?

Daventry Equine Appraisal Services is a division of Daventry Agricultural & Livestock Appraisal Services. We have traveled all over the United States and Canada conducting equine appraisals, and have also appraised some of the top jumper and dressage horses in Europe. We have been hired as an appraiser and consultant on many court cases, qualified as an "Equine Expert" in Court proceedings, worked closely with several of the major insurance companies in both the U.S. and Canada on death-claim reimbursements, completed appraisals for multi-million dollar estate and insurance settlements, tax audits, and have even done a large appraisal involving over 100 horses for a non-profit organization in the United States. Daventry Equine appraisals are considered "Certified" for legal purposes in Canada and Internationally and are known for their thoroughness and attention to detail. We have over 3,900 hours of equine appraisal experience, and to date, have helped our clients win over $1.8 million dollars in dispute cases and settlements. Combined with our background and credentials in the horse industry, Daventry Equine appraisals and expertise provides a valuable asset in the courtroom!

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